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Dementia Care

Dealing with loved ones diagnosed with Dementia can challenge family members. At Imela care Ltd, we have trained professional caregivers who can support and assist those living with different levels of dementia. We support persons with early, mid-level, late-stage dementia conditions. We are dedicated to ensuring your loved ones feel supported to deal with their daily activities.

Imela Care services will help your loved ones stay safe and comfortable at home while living with Dementia. We provide specialized care plans for people with cognitive disorders, and we customize home care services to suit an individual’s needs at home. We match your loved one with dedicated caregivers.

We understand the challenges and similarities that Dementia and Alzheimer’s have. This can weigh down on family members who offer support to their loved ones. For this reason, we support family members to help them to understand the different symptoms by offering relevant information.

The treatment of Dementia and Alzheimer’s can take a toll on the person and their family. At Imela care Ltd, we ensure that family members are educated on the disease and offer support on how well to interact with their loved ones without emotional frustration.

Since the effects of Dementia and Alzheimer’s exhibit themselves differently in each person, creating a customized care plan ensures that the patient is well cared for with the right assistance. Reach out to us and get the support you need. It is not wrong to seek professional assistance to care for your loved ones.

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