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Care in Your Home Oxfordshire Uk

Care in Your Home in Oxfordshire uk

Care in Your Home

Our home care team allows for the family to experience a more relaxed relationship with their elderly family member’s right in their homes instead of having to take their elderly ones to a nursing home, which can be both emotionally draining and psychologically difficult. Enlisting the services of a caregiver gives you a chance to have your parents at home.

Imela care services offer home care services to you with an understanding of the different family setups. For families where the adult members have to deal with busy work schedules, Imela offers the home care service, making sure that your loved ones are cared for and their needs met within the confines of your homestead.

At Imela care service, we offer various homecare plans that suit your needs and that of your family member.
· Companion Care
· Respite Care
· Personal Care
· Specialized home care

Specialized home care is mainly undertaken according to the specialized needs that the elderly person needs. We ensure your loved ones are comfortable and feel as stress-free as possible. For loved ones with minor health conditions, we ensure they do not miss their medication prescription and medical appointments.

Home care Assistance
To make the care plan customized to your loved one's needs, we take time to learn about your family member's needs, wants, living conditions, preferences, to social activities. By doing this, we can understand and make life a stress-free experience. You do not have to send your elderly parent or grandparent to a nursing home because the responsibilities seem overwhelming. Contact Imela for that personalized home care service for your loved one. Just like they cared for you, it is your time to appreciate their effort during their old age days.

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